Friday, January 8, 2010

Ski Training

Well, its been a long time since the last post. I've been really busy, doing all sorts of stuff.
Recently, to maintain motivation, I've come up with the plan of racing the Gatineau Loppet this winter. Likewise, i've been skiing quite a lot. Its only January 8th, and I've already skied more times than I did last season (and I did ski a fair bit last season).
Anyways, I'll be chronically my learning experience for skiing, and how it translates to Biking.

Of course, my number 1 priority remains Mountain Bike, but, being that I live so close (walking distance) to over 100km of beautifully groomed skate ski trails, I figured, "When in Rome..."
Anyways, The race is a 53km Skate ski race, on February 21st, leaving 44 days to train for it. I think it should be a good journey...