Sunday, August 29, 2010

Windham WC was plagued with flats

Well, here it is, the morning after the Windham World Cup Finals. It was going pretty well for me, and coming into the 2nd lap, I was catching people continuously. I had moved up to about 70th when I came ripping through a pointy rock garden, and flatted my rear tire.

Ripped a big hole right in the top! So, I cam limping down the downhill, and to the tech zone, where I got some air. It took about 2 refills before my tire sealed back up, but I lost several minutes, and my race was pretty much over. A bit of a bummer, since I think I had a slight chance in finishing on the lead lap, and I definitely would have only finished 1 lap down. All my laps (except the one with the flat) were within the 80% rule, so, in theory, I could have not been pulled.
but, alas, this is MTB racing, and shit happens. Last race of the season. Now its time for some good rest. I'm feeling very tired.
going to MSA, to do some epic riding, and worlds watching. should be fun :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Provincials Recap, Windham preview

Well, Provincials were a lot of fun. The course (which i helped build a section of...) was pretty cool. Some people didn't like it, but it was different. Quite a physical course, and pretty cool. had a terrible first 1.5 laps, and then got really going on lap 3, and then finished pretty strong. Overall came 7th, and clenched 2nd overall O-Cup. I was pretty happy with that. this means a #2 number plate for the 2011 season, which i'm already looking forward to.
It will be my first winter which I can dedicate to Training. Pretty psyched on that!

Right now, i'm in Windham, hunting some internet signal. Pretty scarce, but i'm hot on the trail, and its hooking up pretty well now. The course is quite fun. Lots of climbing (I have 195m per lap) and there will be 6 laps, which means just a tiny bit more total climbing than nationals. Should be epic :)
I'm hoping I don't get lapped, and can finish the season on a strong note. That being said, i'm already looking forward to 2011.
Oh, another kinda fun thing, peter G. and I had a "loaf-off". I'll be the first to admit that neither loaf was stellar, due to a severe lack of ingredients, but it was decided that I "took the cake". Pun intended.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bromont... only drier

So, I won't go on about a lack of posts, because clearly, its been a while.
Bromont was a good race for me. I rode very steadily, pulling back places, until the end of the fifth lap (of 6), I was sitting in 9th, catching 8th, when I crashed, and lost a bunch of air from my front tire. I had to stop and put air in my tire. Several people passed me in the tech zone, and I ended up 11th. Just off the money. oh well. legs felt good, and the course was awesome.
Now i'm getting ready for provincials. Its a very physical course, of which I helped build one section.