Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, its been quite a long time since my last update. I keep putting it off. I'm not sure why, I guess I just haven't been in a blogging mood.
Anyways, since my last post a lot has happened.
I traveled out west, on a last minute whim to do the Edmonton and Canmore Canada Cup races. These races were a lot of fun, although I didn't go quite as fast as I wanted to. Regardless, I stayed in a cool little hostel in Canmore, and met a lot of cool people, rode some wicked trails, hiked up a mountain in clipless shoes, had a showdown with an alberta rider named cody (came out on top) and had an overall great time.

After the "out west adventures" I had a well deserved weekend off of racing. This consisted of going to my cottage, and hammering my body into submission on some epic cottage roads. Man, I was smoked after this one particular 5 hour ride. ouch.

After this, Off to bromont for another Canada Cup. Although I flatted, and had to run a bunch because my tire wouldn't seal, I felt strong, and continued to run the uphills, when other people were walking. This was good premonitions of things to come. From Bromont, Karl and I headed up to Sainte-Felicien for the Nationals project, and eventually, Nationals.

This race went quite well for me. Cody and I ended up duelling it out again, although he took it this time, on the last climb of the course. I pushed myself super hard, and was very happy with the race. Fourth was the result, although I don't like focusing on results.

The next weekend the legs proved strong again, as Eric Batty and I rode away from most of the field. I got outsprinted (again!) in the end, but had one of my best rides in a while.

I'm not sitting in a loverly condo in Mont St Anne, with Max Plaxton, and Cam Jette, on the eve of the World Cup race. I did some pre-riding behing Absalon and Adam Craig today, showed them a thing or two (just kidding) and i'm feeling pretty good. Hopefully I can ride this fitness wave that i've been on, but I guess we'll see. The course doesn't suit me, but I think that if I ride smart, and ride my heart out, I can really show some people what i'm capable of.

Its strange, I have this deep set knowledge that I will be one of the strongest mountain bike riders in the world, and I just have to keep knowing, and pushing, doing the training, resting properly, and it will all come together. Just takes time.

thats all for now, I will put up some more photos after I get onto a good internet connection. For now, i'll leave you with a good one... (shredding gnar in Canmore)

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