Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, Mont St. Anne was a strange race for me. I felt really relaxed at the start line, a little too relaxed, and never really got fired up all race. Also, about 5 minutes into the race, I wiped out on a corner and took a big chunk out of my top tube. Not ideal.
My legs are pretty scratched up... It looks like a small woodland creature attacked me. Its pretty gnar.

On another note, yesterday was my birthday! I'm now 22 years old. Damn, thats old! at least it feels old when your hanging around juniors. It was a great birthday, had a lovely meal with all the athletes on the project out here, and even got some cheesecake for dessert. mmm.

I'm looking foreward to Bromont. Should be a good race for me, I've just got to kill myself on every climb.

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