Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Riding the Mechanical Bull

Well, the theme of my last two races would have to be mechanicals. In the Bromont World Cup, (of which I was really stoked to do) the shims that I made to compensate for a leg length discrepancy folded over top of my cleat, and rendered clipping in impossible. After a lap of really bad frustration, I went to to tech zone, and got the shim cut off. Meanwhile, I guess the muddy conditions, and jamming on the pedals with mostly one leg, bent my chain. But at the time I thought it was just really bad chainsuck that occurred every third pedal revolution. By the time I got up the big climb for the 2nd time my pedal finally clipped in. At this point I was in dead last place, and the chainsuck issue was still present. I rode as hard as I could, until I got lapped at the end of lap 4. Wow, that was frustrating! I figured that I'd just have to smoke in the next O-Cup race...

So fast foreward 1 week, to Mountainview. I only raced there once, last year at provincials, and didn't have a stellar race. But I came into it with some confidence. The start was fast, but then after we went up the hill, and popped out on a long stretch of double track, it became evident that almost everyone ahead of me had gone too hard up the first climb. I passed a bunch of people, and was soon in second place. Yeeeehaw! I was feeling relaxed and strong, just about to finish lap #2, when disaster struck. My derailleur was ripped off my bike by a wayward branch. SHIT. I quickly flipped the bike over, and thought that I should make it into a singlespeed. Then I realized that I have a dually, and the chain would likely snap. Also, I had no way to secure the derailleur out of the way. damn. I reluctantly pulled the plug, just as 3rd place was coming up on me. I guess I was comfortably in 2nd when this happened.

On the bright side, the fitness is good! On the downside, I could have really used those points for Quest for Gold, and the overall O-Cup espoir title. Shit. Well, i'll have to kill it at Kelso. But I usually race well there, so that should be a good time.

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