Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter weekend

Well, this had to have been my best Easter weekend yet...
Thursday: Classes end. Woohoo!

Friday: Good Friday OBC TT. My time online seems to say 22:03, but my power tap had me down for 21:20. I trust the powetap. It was a good effort. Good power. Second ride on the clip-ons. I just can't seem to leave them on my bike, due to the geek-factor. After the TT we waited around for about 2 hours, then went on a group ride. I was feeling super good, and hammered a little hard at the start. I hadn't eaten since 10am. By about 90km into the ride, it was about 3:00 and I had nothing left in the tank. I limped back home. 135km.

Saturday: Cyclelogik group ride. lots of fun, but a little cold at the start. Afterwards, I rode out to stittsville for some easter dinner at James'. Good times. 129km.

Sunday: OBC group ride. Very cold at the start. Let me re-state this. Don't go for a group ride when its -4, and sunny. The sun lulls you into a state of false warmth, and makes you wear a lot less clothes than necessary. The ride was very cold. Anyways, we rode from stittsville out to billings bridge for the 9am ride. Did a tour down south of ottawa, and then rode back to stittsville. After the ride there was another eater dinner. SOOO delicious. thanks to James' family for feeding me! 127km.

Monday: Took it easy today. Rode starting from stittsville, out to Carp, then back to stittsville, and finally back to ottawa, to do some studying. damn. studying sucks. Riding is much more enjoyable. 77km.

well, this easter will be hard to top, but we'll try next year.

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