Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, the first mountain bike race of the season was definitely not my best. The race started out with me feeling very 'flat' and the first climb was a little too fast for me. My first two laps seemed terrible, and I was unable to settle into my rhythm. Then the third lap seemed to start to flow a bit better.
By the start of the fifth lap I had caught several guys, and was moving up steadily. Pouring on more and more gas, with about 2km left, an expert category rider fell right in front of me. This caused my rear derailleur cage to break off. I spent about 3-4 minutes getting my bike so that it was rideable again. I finally took off, after several people had passed me. Anyways, I finished the last lap, with half a derailleur, and a front flat. Oh well. I think I need to revise my warm up protocol, and really come out strong. Other than the last lap, the bike felt awesome. All I can say is that its "game on" for Albion.

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