Friday, May 29, 2009

Tremblant Fun

well, I think there is a direct relationship with how well my race goes, and how long it takes me to make a blog about it. Well, the race didn't go so well, and I'm sure you are all smart enough people to figure out the relationship. I believe its a linear relationship, like y=mx + b. Where b represents the constant amount of time where i have to cool down, eat something, drive home, and then eventually make it to a computer. Thats always going to be there.
the m term is made smaller by a poor race, be it from mechanical issues, poor fueling issues, or otherwise. The worse the race, the smaller the number. Once the RHS = LHS, the post is created. y will always be a constant, and then its just a matter of time (x variable) before they're equal.

Anyways, enough blathering. Positive notes for this race, the team did very well (EMD, and Ontario). Notable mention goes out to the juniors who flew in this race. Also, a certain cadet from EMD had an awesome ride, and he's only going to get going faster.

This brings me to my next point. The trailbuilding at Tremblant is despicable. To solve the issue of a wet trail, someone decided that hay would be an ideal building material to put down. Also, lots of gravel patch-ups. Terrible. If this weren't such an important and close race, I would boy-cott it, 100%.

After the wednesday night fortune race (a much better race for me!) I realized how wicked that course is. The work that myself and my friend did there last summer is wonderful, and even in the race the course was super rideable, draining well, flowy, and just awesome all-round.

Having now ridden in even more locales, I have to say, that DAMN, the trails at fortune are sick, and we really know how to design, and maintain trails. (this collective we includes myself, my best friend, his dad, my ex-boss/friend/mentor, and her husband)

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