Friday, May 8, 2009

Uxbridge Thursday Night Follies

Well, the intention was to ride up to Durham forest, do the Thursday regional race... win it... and then ride home. Well, upon arriving and seeing Adam Morka, Kyle Douglas, and Sean Ruppel (Chico), the plan changed to, "SWEET, this is going to be a wicked race!"

Anyways, it sure was. And despite several passing mishaps, and a stick in the derailleur I managed to squeeze in behind Adam to take 2nd. It was a good night, a good race, and great fun riding with those guys. I can't wait for Albion.

On a totally un-related topic, did you know the sea-horse, is the only animal where the Male gives birth to the babies?? I'm not too sure how that works, or how they define male in this case, but certainly interesting.

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