Sunday, May 10, 2009

what a way to spend mothers day - Albion 09

well, O-Cup #2 went far better for me that O-Cup #1. Maybe it was the lack of mechanicals, maybe it was the fact that I rested a bit before this race, or maybe it was the longer warm up. Dunno for sure. Anyways, here's a bit of a re-cap.

Lap 1: Fast start. But not as brutal as Mansfield. Was able to hang in with some of the other fast guys, and just settle in pretty fast. Rode with Jon Kinsie, Zach Hughes, and Stu Alp for a while. in the end, Jon got away from me, but i got away for the other two.

Lap 2: Kept feeling strong, at the end of the lap, Steven Noble (a junior!) caught me, and to make matters worse, Mitch Bailey was already ahead of me. MAN these boys are fast. At 17-18, I was Unicycling definitely not mountain biking.Theres a pictures of what I was doing at that age. hmmm. Anyways, definately a huge shout out to Mitch and Steven, I had fun riding with them at Mansfield and Albion.

Lap 3: Still with Steven. Going strong, we actually did some rotating echelon on mtb. which was cool

Lap 4: At this point I realized that the Juniors (they're also in contention for CSG) had only 4 laps, and I decided to give'r. Anyways, I broke contact with Steven, and hammered. I caught Mitch with <1km to go. Passed him, and rode in. DAM, still one lap left.

Lap 5: I really payed for the energy dump in lap 4. I kinda nursed this lap around, and didn't catch anyone, but also didn't get passed. Finished 7th overall, 2nd Espoir, and 2nd out of all the CSG potentials. I think my form is coming around, because I was able to put much better power down to the pedals today :)

Overall this was a good race for me. Happy mothers day to all those babie's mama's out there.
Question for the day: "How come band-aids come only in tan? What about people with brown, or black skin?" (got that from my sister. she raises a good point)

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